First off I want to say Mary is awesome and very professional. I’ve been going to chiropractor for years, but when I started using Mary services I was able to cut back my chiropractor visits to once a year. Mary made me feel very comfortable and has help me with my chronic lower back pains. I highly recommend Mary and refer all my friends to her.



I developed severe myofascial pain syndrome after having open-heart surgery followed up with 2 more surgeries to remove the infection that had developed in my chest cavity.
It was to the point that when I reached for something the pain would start in my chest and radiate around to my shoulder blades. I could hardly move without pain.

My surgeon recommended that I find a massage therapist that specialized in myofascial release treatment. After trying several therapists I was fortunate to find Mary Bonds and she was FANTASTIC. After a few sessions the pain was decreasing and before I knew it I was back on the golf course and racquetball court.

I even continued seeing her for regular massages until I moved out of the area.

I highly recommend Mary for your massage or myofascial release treatments.

-Dan M.



Mary is helping me to fix my sciatica and we even work with physical pain from anxiety. She’s helping me a lot and I definitely recommend!